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At Calculating Minds we understand that everything is uncertain right now and regardless of the circumstances, you want your children to be prepared for their next steps with school or college.  Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school or high school, we are prepared to offer one on one classes and ACT Prep courses at our center.  We will continue to offer Zoom sessions as an option.  Please find more details by clicking on the buttons below.  As local Knoxville teachers turned business owners we would love to help!

Have you ever been told that you "just aren't good at math?" 

At Calculating Minds, we believe that everyone has the ability to learn and love math. 

That is why we created the Calculating Minds Math Achievement Center. We are educators who dreamed of a safe space where children could not only learn and enjoy the key skills of math, but where their confidence would soar along with their abilities. 


Utilizing the unique approach of the Singapore Math Method, we are able to go beyond the restrictive standards of public and private school systems, providing a student-focused environment for your child to learn and understand mathematics.


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Our local teachers offer math tutoring and enrichment as well as ACT prep.  We teach students ages 4 and up needing math tutoring or mathematical challenge Calculating Minds Math Achievement Center is the resource Knoxville students need. Individualized tutoring sessions are scheduled by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 10:00-7:30, or Saturday from 9:00-2:00. 

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Local Math tutoring and enrichment for students of all levels.
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We are 1 minute from Costco and many other stores and restaurants.  After signing your child in feel free to step out and return after their class.


Meet the Teachers

Enrollment Information


Dee Morgan

  • Educator since 1982 working as a teacher, mentor & administrator

  • Over 30 years as an educator with more than 15 years teaching mathematics

  • Education:

    • B.S. & M.Ed. from UNC Greensboro​

    • M.Ed. & Administration from Univ. of Redlands, CA

Amy Finch

  • Educator since 1990 working with children ages 4-14.  Serving as teacher, leader & mentor.

  • Specialized in teaching mathematics

  • Education:

    • B.S. Early Education (Science/Math emphasis) from Central Michigan Univ.

    • M.Ed Curriculum & Assessment from LMU

    • Ed.S Administration & Leadership from LMU


We are partnering with Board & Brush located next door.  Drop off your child for 2 hours.  They will participate in math activities and games and then walk over to Board & Brush to distress and paint a cool decorative board to take home.

$30/child -- Space is limited --

This 3 day per week program is designed to help students keep abreast of the math they are supposed to be learning at their grade level.  Grade specific sessions are available online or in person with a maximum of 4 students per class. Taught by certified math teachers in a private room.  See our Program Options for details.

Math Classes

Check out our

Escape Rooms 

(where we sneak in the math!)

These methods use a C-P-A (concrete-pictorial-abstract) process that help students really understand the content being presented.  Whether your child needs a little extra help in math, you want them to be challenged with math, or you want them to develop a love of learning math, we want to help! See our Program Options for details.

Singapore Math

Flexible Scheduling allows you to schedule times that are convenient for you.  Students may come on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:00-5:00 or 6:00 -7:00.  Students may come up to 8 times during the monthly enrollment.  See our Program Options for details.

Homework Help

What colleagues Say

"If you are looking for math enrichment instruction - I know one of the co-owner/instructors of Calculating Minds and she is phenomenal! Amy Finch is dedicated, talented, and passionate about supporting students in math success. It would be worth your time to check out her exciting new instructional service!"

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We would love to help your child/young adult!

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