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Classes are based on a three step approach - Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract.  This framework introduces concepts in a tangible way including: using hands-on math aids, models, pictures, and abstract symbols.  We help reinforce important connections increasing levels of abstraction over time.  CPA principles are woven throughout the curriculum.


  •  An Assessment of your child provides us with information about your child's current mathematical performance.  The assessment will be shared and discussed with you.

  • Calculating Minds classes consist of weekly sessions (40 -60 minutes).  Lessons are individualized with small teacher to student ratios in an engaging environment.  Generally at least 16 consecutive sessions are recommended.

  • At Home Enjoyment sheets for students are based on the concepts learned during class and encourage the habits of responsibility, perseverance and self-guided learning.

  • Math Snapshots are provided periodically to evaluate student understanding of important concepts and skills at the end of each chapter.  The snapshots are assessments that help to measure student comprehension of content.  The assessments are supported with a variety of Singapore Math practices consisting of quizzes, math sprints, bar modeling, and other hands-on math aids.

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